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We are always constantly challenging the goals we pursue. Introduce the world's advanced manufacturing and R&D equipment, hire excellent laser experts from Germany, Japan and other countries to form the world's top laser R&D team.

"Wide sea diving, sky high the birds to fly". WILA Laser is willing to provide a broad development platform for all kinds of talents with enterprising and responsibility, team spirit and solid professional foundation. We sincerely invite young you to join us and jointly build a dream factory that gallops the blue ocean of laser!


Description of job:

1. Responsible for the establishment and revision of the company's human resources related rules and regulations;

2. Responsible for the company's monthly, quarterly, and annual human resource plans and summary analysis reports;

3. Responsible for monthly, quarterly, and annual labor cost budget and implementation control;

4. Responsible for the rational design of the salary system and the formulation and implementation of the employee salary adjustment plan;

5. Responsible for the rational design of the company's welfare system and the formulation and implementation of the welfare plan;

6. Responsible for carrying out recruitment work, selecting and developing recruitment channels, and continuously expanding the team of applicants;

7. Responsible for the organization and coordination of the selection process and the development of selection technology;

8. Responsible for formulating annual training plans and organizing training;

9. Responsible for the selection and recommendations of external training institutions, and establish the company's internal training system, including the lecturer system, training course system, and teaching material system;

10. Responsible for new employee training public lectures, training assessment, and assessment results summary;

11. Assist in the development of performance appraisal tools and formulate appraisal plans;

12. Responsible for organizing performance appraisal, summarizing the appraisal results, and applying the appraisal results;

13. Responsible for the promotion and interpretation of labor laws, regulations and policies, and the company's human resource management system;

14. Responsible for accepting employee complaints, communicating with relevant personnel, and making handling opinions;

15. The handling of labor disputes; the collection of evidence of labor disputes; the response to labor mediation, arbitration, and litigation;

16. Review and review various data submitted by employees in line with labor and employment and social insurance payment and online review;

17. Assist various departments to coordinate the working relationship between departments.

Job requirements:

1. Human resources work for more than 5 years;

2. Human resource management, business management, law-related majors, bachelor degree or above;

3. Have good coordination and communication skills, data analysis skills, selection and identification skills, planning and organization skills; have a strong team spirit;

4. Proficiency in operating and using office software.

Work location: Maanshan

Mechanical Design Engineer

Description of job:

1. Establish the company's technology management system and be responsible for drafting technology development plans;

2. Develop new products according to company requirements; organize and implement technical improvements and innovation plans for the company's old products;

3. Responsible for supervising the trial production, verification, and improvement of products;

4. Provide project solutions for customized products;

5. Responsible for assisting in the technical support of various departments;

6. Responsible for the filing and preservation of technical drawings and the preparation of process data and operating procedures;

7. Timely entry and update of the BOM list;

8. Responsible for the company's technical security and confidentiality work.

Job requirements:

1. Mechanical related major, bachelor degree or above;

2. More than 3 years of experience in mechanical design;

3. Familiar with the manufacturing technology and processing technology of the product;

4. Proficiency in the application of Pro/E, UG, AutoCAD, and other application software;

5. Have a good team spirit and strong coordination ability;

6. Have good communication, organization, and management skills.

Work location: Maanshan

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