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Mold industry

The mold industry is known as the "mother of industry" because it is the basic manufacturing equipment. Mold is an important method of material molding and an indispensable part of modern manufacturing. With the rapid development of modern industry, the mold industry plays a huge role in it. 60% to 80% of the parts and components must be formed by molds. However, when working under high temperatures and high pressure, the mold is extremely easy to deform, which seriously affects the production of products. quality.

In response to the serious problems of mold wear and deformation, WILA Laser has developed and designed industry-specific laser strengthening and remanufacturing equipment, as well as laser cleaning products for parts in the mold industry. Laser strengthening and remanufacturing technology use modern laser technology to strengthen and repair molds and improve mold hardness. They can not only extend the service life of molds but also repair worn molds and restore their original appearance. And it can clean the gaps that cannot be cleaned by the mold, and realize the processes of laser derusting, laser degreasing, and laser deoxidation.

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