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Alloy Powder for Laser Cladding Technology

Apr 20 , 2021

Alloy powder suitable for laser cladding technology:

1. Cobalt-based alloys: 

The advantages of cobalt-based alloy powders are wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance, and because of the potential of their own materials, they have an irreplaceable position, but not all cobalt-based powders are suitable for the laser industry. Two kinds of powders, CO6 and COX40, are more commonly used and have good cladding effects. These two powders are also a more commonly used variety in the repair industry.

2. Iron-based alloys:

The performance of iron-based powders is not as good as that of cobalt-nickel powders, but iron-based powders are the most commonly used and used in large amounts for laser cladding powders because some nickel, chromium, and other anti-corrosion properties will also be added to its composition. , Corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant ingredients, and low cost. It is effective to repair some iron-based workpieces. Therefore, the iron-based powder uses the most cost-effective powder, which is based on the hardness from as low as HRC25 to HRC55 or more. Five grades are available for customers to choose from, the ones with low hardness can be used as the base, and the ones with high hardness can be used as the surface layer.

3. Nickel-based alloys:

Nickel-based powders and cobalt-based powders have similar anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistance properties, but there is a certain gap in abrasion resistance. Some original nickel-based thermal spray powders with high hardness are not suitable for For laser cladding, in the laser industry, only the alloy powder of the brand NI625 is used with good results.


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